About ABX World

ABX WORLD is a first class globally recognized courier/cargo firm incorporated in 2005 with 55% foreign equity investment. ABX WORLD was incorporated in Nigeria as Airborne Express Nigeria Limited and was the sole licensee of the Airborne Freight Corporation from 1998. The global network that we operate at ABX WORLD is very richly enhanced by our strategic alliances with some of the biggest and best players in the industry as follows;

World Freight Alliance (WFA) www.wfalliance.com

Pilot Air Freight based in USA (www.pilotair.com)

African Transport Logistic Alliance (ATLA) www.atlalliance.com

LHR Global Logistics in UK (www.lhrglobal.com)


Operating from this background, we are able to pick up your shipments from more than 500 of our international offices spread across the world. We clear your shipments from the air or seaports and deliver on a door to door basis, thereby freeing you from the troubles and challenges in engagement with customs. ABX WORLD is properly positioned and thoroughly enhanced to provide cutting edge service at record breaking speed to all our local and international clientele.

We offer professional services in courier (Mails and Express parcels), Air and Ocean freighting operations and we have a worldwide network of offices with a full range of transportation and logistics services. We understand the need to deliver documents, parcels etc. to customers around the world. In this respect we help customers focus on their business while we focus on their distribution needs.

We have a state of the art of automated technology that helps you streamline your procedures and save your time and money. You can process and track your shipments online. You can reach us on our website: www.abxworld.com

Our clientele cuts across various areas of business namely; Oil industries, financial institutions, Nongovernmental organizations, Embassies and Merchandising companies. We are proud to say that we deliver efficient service to our clients. Our objective is to provide information  and services in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. Our success depends on your success, so we treat your business like it is the most important business in the world because to us it is.


To create an African network for Africans that is efficient and reliable.


Not to go where the path may lead, but to go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Since inception ABX WORLD has used its unique differential advantage to provide its numerous clientele the best possible solution in the industry. To this end, we have been certified by top oganisations, here are a few:


European Union (EU) Certified Cargo Agent

ABX WORLD is a European Union (EU) certified cargo agent with ACC3 and RA3 certification UAI (Unique alphanumerical Identifier) UK/0001/UK/3000, relying on a thriving partnership, ABX WORLD is fully backed by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) as an “Authorized Cargo Agent” set for speedy export of cargo. We also boast of many years of experience in cargo logistics and supply chain management, hence we seemed deem fit to contribute to development of our economy by providing this timely solution.


Currently ABX WORLD is the only cargo forwarding agent in Nigeria certified by EU for cargo handling, as we have put in place all necessary standards and measures as stipulated by the EU standard security program for air transportation. The EU standards clearly is an international recognized standard that is generally accepted across other regions of the world. We are in the best position to operate cargo from Lagos origin to various destinations.


It will be worthy of note that ABX WORLD currently exporting agricultural products to EU countries through her solid partnership with SACHOL and Arik Air. We currently have a database of registered farmers that will be plugging into our supply chain network, which require a minimum of 100 tons worth of cargo per day. Establishing this will help synchronize all prospective stakeholders at the center point of activity, from farmer, forwarder and interested investors, at the end a bounty economic growth for Nigeria.



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