Nigeria Export Group are involved in all the steps required to send an agricultural good to market namely production, processing and distribution across the the world. With an increased worldwide awareness of food security and sustainable food production, Agricultural Business and agriculture is rapidly growing as one of the key industries on both a global and local level. In Nigeria there is a renewed focus on growing the non-oil sector of the economy and the Agro-industry is experiencing a renaissance with dedicated government policies geared towards encouraging farmers and investors and increasing the contribution of the sector to the GDP. At Nigeria Export Group Our strength in serving this global sector is derived from our skills and experience coupled with our team of specialists. We are uniquely positioned to support micro, mini and medium agro business with an interest in tapping into the huge potentials of the sector. As well as investors looking to tap into the ABX World Business. We work very closely with our clients to understand their needs and add value through the application of our knowledge and experience and by utilising the various teams of industry experts available to us. We look forward to an opportunity to work with your organization


Agricultural export crop which is currently grown in Nigeria and has export potentials. Example, palm oil and palm kernel are two by-products of the oil palm which we export. Trade plays a crucial role in providing livelihoods for farmers and people employed along the food supply chain. Agricultural trade involves the buying and selling of products that have been produced through the forestry and farming industries. It can give consumers greater access to a variety of agriculture goods, often at more affordable prices Agricultural trade is becoming more global due to advances in technology and trade agreements made among counties. Many countries have adopted their own agricultural trade programs. These programs are usually targeted at implementing and growing domestic and international outlets for the country’s agricultural commodities. Some countries offer farmers subsidies for growing certain agricultural products. Education and training on sustainable growing practices may also be part of a country’s overall trade program. In addition, many countries seek to expand trade with other countries by entering into agreements that eliminate or reduce import and export taxes on agricultural products. The modern agricultural market is vast, encompassing more than just food importing and food exporting. Other commodities that can be traded include livestock, raw materials, fibers, and stimulants. The modern agricultural market is vast, encompassing more than just food importing and food exporting. Other commodities that can be traded include livestock, raw materials, fibers, and stimulants.


Whether you are a small or large organization we provide agro trading and training support to potential clients. Agro processing comprises a set of technological and economic activities carried out for conservation and handling of agricultural produce and to make it usable as food, feed fibre, fuel or industrial raw material. Inadequate attention to the agro-processing sector in the past put both the producer and the consumer at a disadvantage and it also hurt the economy of the world in general. Agro-processing is now regarded as the sunrise sector globally, to salvage the lingering food insecurity. In view of its large potential for growth and likely socio economic impact specifically on employment and income generation. Nigeria Export Group renders optimum Agro processing services to investors and agribusinesses that have an interest in making a great ROI in Agribusiness. It is suggested that in developed countries, up to 14 per cent of the total work force is engaged in agro-processing sector directly or indirectly. However, in Nigeria, only about 5 per cent of its work force finds employment in this sector revealing its underdeveloped state and vast untapped potential in Agro processing for employment. We bridge that gap to ensure optimum agro processing operations to meet the Global market demands


We support farmers to produce very high yield and healthy products for clients satisfaction and consumption both locally and internationally. Agriculture is the science, art and practice of producing crops, plants and livestock. As a science and art, it is the study of how to feed animals, grow plants and sustain human life. As a practice and a profession, agriculture is the application of physical, biological, and social sciences in the field. Agro products refer to products which are used in agriculture. They can be food products used in animal feeds, chemicals or pesticides used in farming and have other applications in the agricultural sector. Agro products are those that are basically of food related and are processed from raw food material and also manufactured foods. These encompass food grains, sugar, oil seeds, dairy products, meat, fish, tobacco, etc. Agro products are known to be raw materials for both agricultural industries and non-agricultural industries. Agriculture has made it possible for subsistence farmers or subsistence agriculturists to use farm machinery in the production of agricultural products either for consumption or sale